2 Vistas

Yes I’m currently using 2 Vistas … one of which is good and the other one sucks so much I’m thinking of downgrading.

Garmin VistaThe one I love is my Garmin eTrex Vista GPS receiver. This vista was indispensable during my Europe trip last year. I’ll be so lost without it.

Of lately, I’ve been using a lot of it’s built in electronic compass. It accurately shows me where I’m heading and more importantly where a particular house door is facing. You see, I’ve been house hunting for myself and my uncle.

Another feature I used is the barometric altimeter. Since I’ve been checking out houses near the beach … you need to have a home with at least 15meters elevation above sea level … just to be safe.

This Vista is always with me when I’m deep in the jungle … just in case I don’t wanna wait for the stars to tell which way is north.

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Hackers/Crackers at work?

Hackers/Crackers at work
Sorry for the crappy image quality shot from my el cheapo phone from inside my car with my tinted window up.

I couldn’t help but to notice this particular car when I was walking to the Select Brunnen Store to buy myself a pack of ciggys. Mounted on the roof of the car is a wireless antenna and a GPS receiver. The driver was on his seat and I saw a notebook on the passenger side seat. There were also 2 clamtype cellphone mounted on the dashboard of the car.

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Gooooaaal! So what?

Everyone is having the world cup fever. The epidemic is bringing the whole world to it’s knees. I think I’m one of the very few who is not infected at all.

Nope. I have not watched a single match of the world cup matches. Not a single one. And you can be sure I didn’t bet on any too. Word has it on the street that the bookies are losing like mad. I heard of 2-3 who already closed shop.

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New Garmins with MicroSD slots

Garmin had just release new models of their popular GPS models just in time for the holiday season. GPSMap 60 and 76 lines include the 60Cx, 60 CSx, 76Cx, and 76 CSx and their eTrex line, the Legend Cx and Vista Cx.

However, these new models are not published on Garmin’s website. You can view them below.
Legend Cx
Vista Cx

So what does this extra “x” on the model number mean?

This new line will feature a MicroSD slot so you can load even more maps on your GPSr. You are not not limited to the basic base memory each model comes with.

All I want for Christmas is a 60CSx.

Have a GPS without maps?

If you have just bought or planning to buy a GPS, I’m sure you want GPS Maps of Malaysia.

Malsingmaps.com is an online collaborative effort of Garmin GPS users trying to map out the whole Malaysia, Singapore and several islands of Thailand. All maps are free of charge.

If you like the free maps, make sure to submit your own tracks so we can all make the maps more detailed. Most state maps already have autorouting feature, telling you directions turn by turn. Awesome ain’t it?

Geocaches in Penang

Location of Penang Geocaches
I just downloaded Geocaching’s network kml file which shows available geocaches around the area when you zoom in. A very nice feature.

If you want to try it out, you need to register an account in order to access the file. When you’ve logged in, go to your account details. The link to download is titled “Download Geocache browser in Google Earth” on the right sidebar.

Enjoy :)

WiFi in KL

WiFi in KL
Ok … for those of you who attended Anthony & Jim’s “War Driving Kuala Lumpur” training during HITBSecConf2005, these little points might be of interest to you.

I wished we had drove and collected more points but we “got stuck” somewhere for quite some time ;)

You will need Google Earth to view this file. Have fun :)

** Don’t forget to view Penang HotSpots on Google Earth

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