4 free online SEO tools

I just found 4 free online SEO tools which will help you track and identify criterias for better rankings. These tools below only need a simple registration from a single website. Sitening provides these great SEO tools with simple but very intuitive interface.

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Bullocks! I can’t win again in 30 days?

Tokyo Summer Sonic Concert … hmmm wouldn’t that be nice? Better if I could get it for free … but a lousy RHCP t shirt I won a few weeks back stood in my way today. This was a shot at an all expense paid trip to Japan and catch great bands like Metallica, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and many other gay bands not worth mentioning.

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Another Penang War Museum paintball session

Trash talking but full of hot air
Look at this guy. All prepared with his sister’s makeup on his face. He ended up sprayed left, right, top, center and bottom with paintballs.

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9 monitors to juggle your work

9 monitor rig
So you think that Bill Gates’ 3 monitor rig is cool? The guys at e-consultancy rigged up 9!

Now how’s that for efficiency? If you wanna experience multi monitor environment without extra hardware, try MaxiVista. You need to have at least 2 computers though.

Update: Bah … just noticed that pic above is a Photoshopped version of Danny Sullivan’s rig. Lame attempt. Karma removed.

I called up HITZ.FM and all I got was this lousy t shirt

The parcel
I just got a parcel this afternoon. Managed to wriggle my way into their Radio Phone System and of course won a “money cannot buy RHCP merchandise” from HITZ.FM.

Note to self: Learn their queue system. Get more time.

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Help map out the world

If you dig maps like me, then Wikimapia will give you endless amount of browsing time.

Based on Google Maps, it’s a collaborative site which enables users to map out any building, street, etc you know so other users can view them.

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Backup your files online for free

How would you like to backup your files securely online for free? Mozy enables you to do just that.

Here’s what so great about this service

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