Audacity: Free Cross-Platform Audio Editor

Audacity is a great open source audio editor for all platforms. Below are some of it’s features.

  • Record live audio.
  • Convert tapes and records into digital recordings or CDs.
  • Edit Ogg Vorbis, MP3, and WAV sound files.
  • Cut, copy, splice, and mix sounds together.
  • Change the speed or pitch of a recording.

I think this is the most widely used software for most podcasters. Give it a try today!

Data recovery for Linux ext2

I just had a pair of Linux ext2 drive sent in for data recovery. Both the HDD are on RAID 1 so the data inside should be identical. They were indentical allright … right down to every CRC error.

Data recovery is a delicate, stressful, variable and time consuming task. Every recovery process is different and the steps below will not necessary work for your case. I will not answer any questions or be responsible if you damage even more of your data.

I must always stress that it’s absolutely important that you do not do any recovery on the damaged HDD. That would just put your data in an even more dangerous situation. Being overwritten!

Before attempting the feat, I mounted a new HDD on /mnt/recovery for recovery then began to copy otvori stranicu an image of the damaged disk.

dd if=/dev/hdXX of=/mnt/recovery/damaged.img conv=noerror,sync

The param conv=noerror,sync will ensure that when the system encounters an error on the damaged disk, it will just write a nulls on the image and continue the task.

Once the image is ready, I removed the damaged disk and label it “DAMAGED - DO NOT USE“. The hard disk should be only used for display or as paper weight. Trying to reuse the damaged disk would be sheer stupidity. Be sure to wipe it clean first so you won’t be leaking any sensitive data to the whole world.

Now what I have it an image of the damaged drive minus the damaged parts. This is where Foremost comes in.

Foremost is a console program to recover files based on their headers, footers, and internal data structures. This process is commonly referred to as data carving. Foremost can work on image files, such as those generated by dd, Safeback, Encase, etc, or directly on a drive. The headers and footers can be specified by a configuration file or you can use command line switches to specify built-in file types. These built-in types look at the data structures of a given file format allowing for a more reliable and faster recovery.

Foremost is a tool released by the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations and The Center for Information Systems Security Studies and Research.

I am not going to document how to use Foremost to repair your damaged files. Read the man page instead.


I fuckin hate rituals. Why do people even bother to perform elaborate rituals for simple tasks?

Christmas is over but it ain’t too late to ask for a Linux-based Handheld Gaming Device.

WRT54G v5 not compatible with 3rd party firmwares

It’s been reported at LinksysInfo that WRT54G v5 is not compatible with 3rd party firmwares. The problem lies on the amount of RAM and the OS is VxWorks instead of Linux.

If you want to use 3rd Party Firmwares, DO NOT BUY A WRT54G v5.

Known serial numbers (first 4 characters) vs versions / Chipsets:

CDF0 = WRT54G v1.0 / ADM6996L Chipset
CDF1 = WRT54G v1.0 / ADM6996L Chipset
CDF2 = WRT54G v1.1 / ADM6996L Chipset
CDF3 = WRT54G v1.1 / ADM6996L Chipset
CDF5 = WRT54G v2.0 / ADM6996L Chipset
CDF7 = WRT54G v2.2 / BCM5325EKQM Chipset
CDF8 = WRT54G v3.0 / BCM5325EKQM Chipset
CDF9 = WRT53G v3.1 / BCM5325EKQM Chipset
CDFA = WRT54G v4.0 / BCM5352E Chipset

CDFB = WRT54G v5.0 / BCM5352EKPB Chipset <- Stay away from this one.

HITB kicked ass

HITB was awesome! Yeah I know I’m late but it’s better than never.

Several topics which caught my attention was

  • STIF-ware Evolution by Meder and Fyodor
  • VoIPhreaking: How to make free phone calls and influence people by the grugq
  • Web Hacking Kung-Fu and Art of Defense by Shreeraj Shah
  • Social Engineering Fundamentals by Anthony Zboralski
  • Hide-And-Seek: Defining the Roadmap for Malware Detection on Windows by Joanna Rutkowska
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot Security by Jim Geovedi
  • Hacking Internet Banking Applications by Fabrice Marie
  • x.25 (in)security in 2005: WHAT, WHY, WHEN, WHO, HOW by Raoul Chiesa

VIA’s Openhack was overhyped. When I saw the challenge, I knew noone was gonna break it. You will be given a notebook running Windows with their hardware installed. The challenge was to retrieve a file from an encrypted drive. You can’t crack open the notebook to access the hardware. I would have wagered my life’s savings that noone would break it in 2 days but noone wanted to take my bet :(

spoonfork briefed me on how he ran CtF. It was very informative. Perhaps I should try setting up a mini CtF for the guys. I’ll ask them if they’re up for it.

Thanks to everyone at HITB for having us. It’s been like the bestest joint I’ve ever had :)

USB Linux Server

Realm Systems has announced the BlackDog USB powered Linux server. This handy little server can be plugged into any USB port of a PC without any special software. It’s a perfect plug and play Linux server aimed at the geeky users and corporate market. The company announced the availability of this product at LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in San Francisco.

BlackDog comes built in with a biometrics fingerprint reader to prevent unauthorized access. Packed with a 400MHz PowerPC Processor and 64M bytes of RAM, it comes with a choice of 256MB or 512MB flash memory running Debian Linux.

London bridge is falling down

Nah … got you there.

I’ve just reinstalled my notebook. Been planning to do that for about half a year and finally it’s done now. I just couldn’t stand it’s ultra sluggish performance anymore.

On my Linux partition, I will be testing Ubuntu. Been using Slackware all this while and thought it’d be good to check out the hottest Linux distro.

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