Greetings from Salzburg

I only had a short glimpse of their wonderful snow capped everything 2 weeks back before I left for London. I must admit although it is well below zero here, London felt much colder than Salzburg (Its the WIIIINDD). Will see much more of it these few days. Taking a much more relaxed pace for now.

Will be heading for Carnival of Venice this weekend.

Greetings from London

Amsterdam was a blast … just too bad I missed the Heineken factory tour. Dang! That would have been a awesome. Smarty me had to make half-baked plans and didn’t notice that the factory was closed on Monday. If not I would have been pissed drunk before we left Amsterdam.

Barcelona kicked ass and their Sangria almost knocked me off my feet. Will post more when I have time. Take care yall.


I will be away for a while. Will post nice news when I have Internet connection. Stay tuned.

Four Things

Four jobs I’ve had in my life

* Bartender
* Cook
* Waiter
* Slacker

Four movies I can watch over and over

* Strange Days
* The Beach
* Kevin & Perry Go Large
* Don’t Be A Menace

Four places I have lived

* Selangor
* Penang
* Johor
* Singapore

Four TV shows I love to watch

* Numb3rs
* Lost
* House

Four places I have been on vacation

* Munich, Germany
* Salzburg, Austria
* Amsterdam, Netherlands
* Barcelona, Spain

Four of my favourite dishes

* Hungarian Goulash
* Beef Risotto
* Fried Roasted Pork
* Baked Meat Pie

Four websites I visit daily

* Google
* Google
* Google
* Google

Four places I would rather be right now

* North Pole freezing my nuts off
* In bed sleeping
* Diving & exploring a shipwreck in the Bermuda Triangle
* Space

Four bloggers I am tagging (forwarding)

* tunapuff
* he]ix
* sarahintampa
* vinzanity