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Hackers/Crackers at work?

Hackers/Crackers at work
Sorry for the crappy image quality shot from my el cheapo phone from inside my car with my tinted window up.

I couldn’t help but to notice this particular car when I was walking to the Select Store to buy myself a pack of ciggys. Mounted on the roof of the car is a wireless antenna and a GPS receiver. The driver was on his seat and I saw a notebook on the passenger side seat. There were also 2 clamtype cellphone mounted on the dashboard of the car.

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Gooooaaal! So what?

Everyone is having the world cup fever. The epidemic is bringing the whole world to it’s knees. I think I’m one of the very few who is not infected at all.

Nope. I have not watched a single match of the world cup matches. Not a single one. And you can be sure I didn’t bet on any too. Word has it on the street that the bookies are losing like mad. I heard of 2-3 who already closed shop.

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My theory on aliens

The word alien to me does not mean little green men with light bulb shaped heads. Nor does it mean someone which has entered your country illegally.

To me, aliens are intelligent lifeforms which I do not understand and can’t sense. Ghosts, Spirits, Nessie and Bigfoots also fall into the category of aliens to me. They can be of any shapes and sizes. If you’re a skeptic, I hope this article turns you into a logical believer. I don’t expect you to believe everything you see on the media, which is why I say aliens do not mean little green men.

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Amsterdam city trip guide

Amsterdam is a great place to visit if you’re in Europe. I like to do my trip reports very late. It brings back sweet memories and I’m sure I will visit the city again cos I’m not done with it yet.

If you travel by plane, Schiphol airport will be the first sight you’ll see when you land. Schiphol has been voted the best airport in the world several times. Seriously, our KLIA beats the shit outta this airport sizewise but it’s clean and tidy. You can either take a taxi or fast train to Centraal Station. I took the fast train which is obviously fast and super smooth.

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Buy his moustache

Biggnuts moustache
Biggnuts was selling his moustache on eBay. This guy is really funny. Too bad the auction already ended. He even provided a virtual “try before you buy” offer. Check out the auction.

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Track your toilet from the web

This guy is awesome. He’s got his whole home all wired to the net.

Do you want to know how many times he flushed his toilet? How much energy, gas and water he’s using? Perhaps listen to his answering machine. Or check out who’s at his door.

I guess the only thing he’s not showing publicly is his hydroponic garden(kidding). But who knows … it’s Holland! Show us your bud farm man!


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