Caption This!

britney.jpg Yes this is an old sculpture of Britney Spears by Daniel Edwards entitled “”Monument to Pro-Life: The Birth of Sean Preston”. I just can’t help it. Would you care to caption this?

How not to rob a liquor store

It’s amazing how dumb and clumsy the dude is … and comprar eriacta online drunk!

Are you able to reach this site?

I’ve had a few visitors complain about not being able to access my site the past few days. Hell … I’m even experiencing it myself.

So I fired up an email to support which went something like this. (I must admit I was lazy to go into details)


Fix the damn server …

and here’s the reply I got.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for contacting ****. I’ve checked the server countless times and it’s working fine. I even made sure that the cat did not trip over the leased line. May I ask what’s wrong? BTW, we’re having problems with our data centre. You may experience frequent downtime when accessing our servers. Go grab a bag of popcorn and chill for a while.

So there you have it … it’s “the” data centre.

155 shirts on 1 man

Watch a man put on 155 shirts. Funny attempt to get into the book of records.

Buy his moustache

Biggnuts moustache
Biggnuts was selling his moustache on eBay. This guy is really funny. Too bad the auction already ended. He even provided a virtual “try before you buy” offer. Check out the auction.

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New rapper in town

50 cent50 cent is apparently pissed with the emergence of a new rapper that’s cheaper than him. Word has it on the streets that he’s planning a big hit with G Unit on this mysterious rapper.

“I’m already 50 cent! Cheap enough for everyone to afford. Now this lame ass muthafucker comes in and try to git cheesy wit me and mah hommies? Oh yeaaa … yo betta watch yo back mutha fukka. When the smoke clears … we’ll know which coin would still be spinnin.”

The new rapper shot back at 50.

“Listen ere and listen good … I ain’t cheaper than ya .. you dumb maths impaired foo. I’m 49.95 bucks yo. Not some lame ass coin. Yo sell yourself cheap and gets them fannies. I’m watching my back aight … cos I’m infront of ya.”

New rapper in town

0day shop

0day shop
0days on sale! Come and get em. Buy 2 exploits and get the next one free.

If you don’t know what 0days are … educate yourself.

I just can’t stop laughing when I saw this shop at Prangin Mall.

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