Hack In The Box will be presenting the largest network security event in Asia just one week from today. HITBSecConf2005 will be held at The Westin Kuala Lumpur from the 26th-29th September 2005.

I will be there for the conference on the 28th and 29th. Me and two other members from Penang will be meeting up with another 2 members in KL. I’ve arranged with spoonfork for us to help him out with CtF.

I bet it’s gonna be a blast :)

Buy more get more … NOT!

I really can’t understand people who fall for sales gimmick.

Buy RM70, get RM10 voucher

Overheard: Ehh … total only RM80. Go find something worth over RM60 so we can get another RM10 voucher.

Why would someone spend extra RM60 just to get a measly RM10 voucher? Isn’t it cheaper to fork out RM10, give yourself a pat in the back and tell yourself “I just gave myself RM10 cash!” instead of forking out RM60 to buy something useless you don’t need and get a dumb RM10 voucher which has to be spent at their premises. I betcha that RM10 voucher ain’t enough for your shopping trip and you’d probably end up buying even more the next trip.

This is how you torture an iPod Nano

Ouch! I’m impressed by the durability of the iPod Nano. These guys could have sent that piece to me :(

Check it out!

What do you call a deliberate accident?

Is there a word for it? Have you experienced one? Here’s a perfect example.

I drove towards the center of a crossroad. A car from the left sped towards me. I stopped and could see the car braking .. then slowly moving towards my car and hit me.

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Of ants and termites

AnteaterI was just watching the Discovery channel last night and one of the animals featured was the anteater.

Anteaters feed almost exclusively on ants and termites, whose nests they rip open with their powerful forelimbs. They also take some beetle larvae and bees, and in captivity giant anteaters accept some fruit. The prey of anteaters adheres to their long, sticky tongues. It is swallowed, and part of the digestive process involves grinding by the unusually muscular pyloric region of the stomach.

The tongue is also long. Anteaters secrete a sticky substance from their salivary glands that coats the tongue when they feed. The ears are small and rounded, and the eyes are small.

Save yourself some money and buy a pet anteater if you have termite problems :)

Apple iPod Nano

iPod NanoApple had just released their latest iPod model, iPod Nano.

Equiped with a 1.5 inch color LCD, the iPod Nano is sleek and slim. Never before has something so small held so many possibilities.

Up to 1,000 songs. Full-color album art and photos. Podcasts. Audiobooks. Games, clocks, contacts and calendars. All in an iPod that weighs less than a single CD case.

You have an option of either the 2 or 4 gigabyte model priced at $199 and $249 respectively. The iPod Nano comes in black or white.

I’m sure glad I didn’t buy the iPod Mini.

Apple 4 GB iPod Nano BlackApple 4 GB iPod Nano White

Don’t whack my Xiaxue

Xiaxue Whacked
ShaolinTiger, why you whack my sweet Xiaxue?

Have you no pity for such a lovely girl?

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