Microsoft Surface

It’s all over the place by now. Microsoft introduces Surface. A revolutionary way of computing without keyboard and mouse. Simply with hand gestures … you can get things done. It’ll take a while to see it in widespread use though … but very nice otherwise.

I just hope it won’t display the blue screen of death when you’re on a hot date!

Freeware Download: NetStat Live

Here’s a great download for all you monitor freaks. If you’re the type that must have meters for everything trackable, NetStat Live is just for you.

Sure beats the default task manager stats you have built into Windows. NetStat Live is a small, easy to use TCP/IP protocol monitor which can be used to see your exact throughput on both incoming and outgoing data, whether you’re using a modem, cable modem, DSL, or even local network.

I love this app as it has a very small footprint and will not bogg down your computer.

Download Here

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2 Vistas

Yes I’m currently using 2 Vistas … one of which is good and the other one sucks so much I’m thinking of downgrading.

Garmin VistaThe one I love is my Garmin eTrex Vista GPS receiver. This vista was indispensable during my Europe trip last year. I’ll be so lost without it.

Of lately, I’ve been using a lot of it’s built in electronic compass. It accurately shows me where I’m heading and more importantly where a particular house door is facing. You see, I’ve been house hunting for myself and my uncle.

Another feature I used is the barometric altimeter. Since I’ve been checking out houses near the beach … you need to have a home with at least 15meters elevation above sea level … just to be safe.

This Vista is always with me when I’m deep in the jungle … just in case I don’t wanna wait for the stars to tell which way is north.

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Play with Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Microsoft will be launching its latest SQL Server 2005 somewhere in November. This is your opportunity to join their beta test programme.

SQL Server 2005 has a whole load of changes from the last version, including sections of code in the ETL layer that have been rewritten from scratch. Microsoft promises increased security, and scalability, and says a raft of new features have been added to help deal with unplanned downtime. Yeah right :P

“We’re launching a preview programme, and want to invite as many people as possible to order the beta version of the software. In parallel, we’re offering a very attractive set of benefits and lots of freebies and goodies, like TechNet subscriptions, courses and events.”

Hurry over and register for the Customer Preview Programme.

Bypass Windows Genuine Advantage Check

Microsoft had launched a program in which visitors to the main Windows download page are being asked to let the software maker check to see whether their copy of the operating system is licensed.

For those of you who tried the Javascript hack to bypass Windows Genuine Advantage and found out that it don’t work anymore, try this alternative.