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After 2.5 years in development at University College London, the “Optag” was put on trial at the Debrecen Airport in Hungary. Using RFID to keep close tabs on airport passengers.

What’s next? RFID implants?

5 simple ways to get more traffic instantly

Here are 5 simple ways to increase your blog traffic. Use these steps regularly and you will definately see an improvement on your traffic stats. Compared to SEO techniques, the results are almost instant.

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WordPress 2.0 not pinging PPS?

Those of you who upgraded to WordPress 2.0 should have problems pinging PPS. Here’s a quick fix. Just slap this SQL statement into phpMyAdmin and it should do the trick.


UPDATE wp_posts SET to_ping = ''


TinyMCE on WordPress taking ages to load

Is it just me or all who upgraded to WordPress 2.0 experiencing slow loading time when writing posts? Pages which do not use TinyMCE editor loads just fine. Anyone else facing this problem? Anyone?

You can disable the use of TinyMCE by going to “Options” - “Writing” then uncheck “Users should use the visual rich editor by default”

Upgraded to WordPress 2.0

I’ve just upgraded to WordPress 2.0 and I must say the new interface is much cleaner. Upgrading was painless as with all versions of WordPress.

Upgrade to Wordpress 1.5.2

Wordpress 1.5.2 is now available for download. You should upgrade your Wordpress site as soon as possible to avoid any security breaches.

0day Remote Code Execution exploits for Wordpress

Wordpress users. Please take note. A few 0day exploits are floating around here, here and here.

There is a remote code execution vulnerability found on Wordpress A Wordpress update should be on the way. For the time being, turn off register_globals.

I just added
php_flag register_globals off
into my .htaccess file on my www root directory.