Times have changed

Well they say your life will change when you have your first child. It’s true and I’m still coping with the drastic change one year down the road.

I’m so mentally tired at times. I’m having a hard time focusing on tasks and end up doing many unfinished things. I need a holiday!

More blood to come

Ok … for those of you guys waiting patiently for the Sumo review. Don’t bother. The advertiser did not sent the sample until today and refused to answer any of my emails. It’s funny though … they were the ones who contacted me about this review. It’s pretty obvious that they want this review for SEO purposes. So …. toxicle.org is not good enough for you eh Andrew?

On the other note, I’m getting a new tattoo soon so I will be spilling my blood very soon. Those who need it contact me. If not I would be donating it before the end of the month.


It’s about time for an update

Yes I know I’ve been missing and not posting much lately. Remember I said I have a theme park to manage now? Well … at least I’ve learnt some tricks of park management and life is a little bit chilled now.

Looking back, time were really tough when I had no experience. I was glad I could shave my head bald to counter all that madness :)

Fresh hot blood

It’s been so long since I last donated I pretty much forgot about it. Yes … my blood is up for grabs now after my 6 month abstinence due to my recent tattoo. Hurry … get it while it’s hot before I decide to get another tattoo. More info here

Testing new waters

I’m checking out new things in life. Hope it turns out good.

Another tattoo on my body

my new tattooThis tattoo was postponed for a good 6 months due to some personal reasons and I finally got it made. It’s a good thing too cos I got to donate blood twice within that period. It took about 2.5 hours and was relatively painless.

The one before this one was on my inner left hand which is a Celtic triangle which symbolises strength. This new one on my inner right hand is a transliteral script in Quenya of someone’s name. I was actually thinking of getting another one at the same time on my left arm but then I made a decision to leave it for a later time. I plan to get 2 the next time around at one go.

I don’t know about the rest but I will only take my tattoos black. I don’t like colored ones as they tend to fade over time. Think about how your tattoo would look when you’re 75. You don’t want to have to tell your grandchildren “No silly it’s not your sister’s crayons. It’s a tattoo of a phat ass chick in a pirate’s arm! Aaarrrr!”

See how easy it is to get my blood

I’m sure my regulars know that I’m offering my blood for donation. I just got a request 2 days back. I donated some blood and made a new friend!

adam wrote:
u still up for donating blood as in your blog? need some blood for gleneagles
family member jes had an opp and need to replace their blood banks. holla if u
fo real yo

One day later, 450ml of my blood is in Gleneagles Blood Bank. It will be another 3 months of so till I offer my blood again. Perhaps another 6 months if I’m getting another tattoo.

Check out request my blood page for more details.

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