Money Money Money

That’s the tune of a particular lady which inspired this post. She operates a certain sports outlet and joyfully hums the tune while attending the cash counter.

How do you spend your money? Are you the splurgy type or a darn pocket full thrifty type? I’m the in between guy leaning towards the thrifty type.

I think each person has his/her splurge items. Some splurge on clothes. Some on electronics. Some on books. Jewelry, cars and alcohol. You get the drift.

How do you manage your finance? Do you have more credit than cash or the other way round?

Personally, I try to avoid having too many credit cards. 2 is my maximum. I feel that the more you have, the more you spend and end up getting yourself into a load of debts. I’ve seen people with so much debts, they had to end up with remortgages.

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The world is indeed fueled on money but try not to let it overpower you. Learn to control yourself :)