Got too much money? Donate a boob job

Yes those of you guys with loads of cash to throw … why not sponsor someone a boob job? offer girls an opportunity to earn enough for a boob job. Men can get cosy with them and ultimately sponsor a girl of his dreams a dream boob job. What happens after that is left to the discretion of both parties.

In addition to the unrestricted access to all of the female profiles you can also help the ladies by:

* Sending a direct donation to her for her procedure
* Purchase message credits that allow you to send messages to the ladies
* Purchase any personal products the ladies may have for sale
* Receive custom photos of your favorite girls (you may even request specific outfits*)
* Chat online in real time and see her on a webcam (Note: not all ladies have webcam capabilities)
* and more…

Why are you still here?

NSFW Relief Pill: Perry Gallagher

Yes it’s time to take a relief pill again. This pill is brought to you by a classy photographer by the name of Perry Gallagher. He started his craft from as early as third grade. His first camera was from a 6 cereal box top + $5 trade and he never stopped since.


Links for your Monday blues

  • Morphi Thing - Celeb face mashup.
  • Hacker Test - Wanna be a hacker?
  • CrossLoop - Simple remote screen sharing.
  • Sexual Consent - Funny video.
  • OhMiBod - iPod Acsexories.

NSFW Relief Pill: John Peri’s artworks

John shoots and creates stunningly amazing flicks and you can experience his work online. His range of nudeart will please a wide range of happy surfers.


Excite and please her with your phone

product-shot-2.jpgIt’s now available! A toy to connect 2 lovers separated worlds apart. The Toy is a bluetooth connected SMS controlled vibrator great for those who can’t keep their hands off each other even when they’re apart. Best of all, it’s so discreet only you and your partner knows about it.

I’m not sure if the vibrating sound will turn some heads but it’s indeed a novel idea.

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Take a relief pill - NSFW

photo005.jpgNeed a break from your daily routine? Is our job is killing your social life? Need a vacation but just can’t go? Wanna cut some slack off work? What are you doing here anyway?

Take life easy. Ignore the crap your superiors are giving you. You would think I am going to recommend a Kit Kat? No silly! Take a relief pill instead! Just don’t get caught :)

Trio robs a dead body for sex

Somewhere in Cassville, Grant County … three men were arrested for attempting to rob a corpse for sexual intercourse. Their actions were twarted when locals alerted the police when they saw the men behaving suspiciously at the cemetary.

Each man was charged with being party to attempted third- degree sexual assault and being party to attempted misdemeanor theft.

Radke told police that Nicholas Grunke asked him to help dig up the grave so that he could take the corpse behind his house in Ridgeway and have sexual intercourse with the body. On the way to the cemetery, the men stopped at the Dodgeville Wal-Mart and bought condoms.

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