Gong Xi Fa Cai - Don’t blow your hands off

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. I don’t know why but I never really exactly know when CNY is until today. Urm … it’s Sunday right?

I only have an approximate of “End of January” in my mind all the time. Shows how much I’m looking forward to this day huh?

I used to look forward to CNY when I was much much younger. Fireworks, firecrackers, firehydrants … yeah I like playing with fire. Now that those are pretty much banned, CNY sucked. Not that we can’t get our hands on them … it just ain’t that fun anymore.

The young mind of mine only thought of one thing come CNY. WAAAARR!

I would organise a trip down explosive central near Prangin Mall. There are only 3 types I would choose for my arsenal.

  • DaDi - A cracker 10 times more powerful than the regular red ones.
  • ThunderClap - A screaming missle with a cracker 60% power of the DaDi.
  • DoubleShot - Mortar like cracker

I remember the sweet days of “DaDi Dodge”. Armed with only boxes of DaDi and windproof lighters, we split ourselves into 2 teams on a deserted beach.

This game is only played at night. Each DaDi is equiped with a 5-6 second fuse and thrown at each other. The object of the game is to dodge the crackers thrown at you before it blows. The trick to dodging well is to watch out for burning fuses on the beach. Very fun and dangerous. Do not try this.

Then we have the conventional war around the neighbourhood. Little punks like me would gang up and walk around looking for the slightest chance of sparking off a full blown war.

I remember one battle with a group of older tards. We set base behind a bench at a park and so did they on the opposite site. We were pounding on them quite well with accuracy and suddenly noticed that we were running low on supplies. They had just called in some reinforcements and the tide turned against us. I didn’t want to loose this one so I went back to construct a mega finisher.

I am not going to post instructions on how I made it so don’t ask. All I could remember was lighting it up and throwing it in the middle of the field and shouting “RUN! LOSERS!” (I don’t want to kill nobody).

“What the fuck is that?” I could hear one of them shouting.

“RUNNNN!!” I shouted again.

They did and we did too. To cut the story short. Half of the field was in burning flames after it blew. It was fun but stupid. Don’t Do It!

Oh yeah .. GONG XI FA CAI

What is my name?

I’m sure you’ve met someone from school, college, uni, work, etc which you can’t remember their name. No matter how many times I meet them, I can only remember them by face. To make things worse, they usually shout out my name with full confidence.

If I meet them at work, I’ll try to spot their name on nametags …. if they have one. Other than that …. my trick to know their name is to pass them my phone and ask them to save their number.

Do you have this problem too?

This is not America!

Don’t you just hate drivers who think they own the road?

I was happily driving along a small lane just wide enough for 2 cars. There was a lady driver in front of me in a kancil. As we got to almost the end of the road, I could see 2 oncoming cars slowing down.

This lady in front of me just swayed to opposite right lane and stopped her car outside of a shop … causing a deadlock. I had to reverse my car to allow those from the opposite side to cross.

How could someone be so braindead and selfish? I drove up beside her and rolled down my window as she got out from her car.

“Hey lady! This is not America! Keep left.”

Are aliens for real?

I prefer to refer to them as “other lifeforms”. Alien sounds so moviesh … fictional. One would be stupid to deny the fact that they do exist. We humans had only roamed a micro fraction of the vast universe. Don’t let it be a shock to you when they land. Well … for all you know, they might even have landed.

I’m just so sick of people going hoohaa about UFO sightings. IF they dang well decide to land here and show up, they fuckin will. No need to setup camp and wait for them.

What if other life forms land on earth? Would you be chilled living with them? No? What if they brought space cakes? Yes?

Suggest lunch for me

I’m hungry but I can’t think of anything good to eat for lunch. What would you suggest?

1. Chicken Rice
2. Chicken Kebab
3. Beef Rice
4. Beef Noodles
5. KFC
6. McDonalds

Hurry let me know …

WordPress 2.0 not pinging PPS?

Those of you who upgraded to WordPress 2.0 should have problems pinging PPS. Here’s a quick fix. Just slap this SQL statement into phpMyAdmin and it should do the trick.

UPDATE wp_posts SET to_ping = ''


TinyMCE on WordPress taking ages to load

Is it just me or all who upgraded to WordPress 2.0 experiencing slow loading time when writing posts? Pages which do not use TinyMCE editor loads just fine. Anyone else facing this problem? Anyone?

You can disable the use of TinyMCE by going to “Options” - “Writing” then uncheck “Users should use the visual rich editor by default”

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