Forget about online bookmarks … get Foxmarks

Are you like me working on a few computers and have problems accessing your bookmarks? I’m sure most of you guys use online bookmarks like, spurl, furl, etc.

The problem with online bookmarks are they’re slow. You have to access the site and wait for the window to load. With Foxmarks, you can use an extension on your browser to synchronize your bookmarks so it’s the same on all your 7 or so computers.

Accessing your bookmarks would be local and very fast. The extension will automatically sync and make sure you still have access to your bookmarks even if you are not using your own computer.

Google Browser Sync

How you wished you had one browser across all the computers you use. Need to get a bookmark which is on your other computer while working on this one?

Google Labs just released Google Browser Sync extension for Mozilla Firefox. Keeps your browsers in sync with just a click!

Google Browser Sync

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For you … cookie hackers

Cookie Editor
The Add & Edit Cookies extension is a great realtime cookie editor capable of editing session as well as, file stored cookies natively in Mozilla. Couple that with Web Developer Extension and Spike Proxy and you’ve got a powerful web hacking interface :)

HOWTO: USB Flash Drive for mobility & security

I have 12 webmail and 4 POP mail accounts. Yeah I know that’s a lot. I hate it when emails from a single mailbox are stored on 2 different computers. That is why I only have Thunderbird installed on my notebook. The action sparked off another problem. When working on my desktop, I need to switch on my notebook to retrieve my mails.

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For those of you guys using Mozilla products, MozBackup is a must have.

MozBackup is a utility for creating backups of Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird and Netscape profiles. It allows you to backup mail, favorites, contacts and profiles. Best of all, this program is freeware.

Firefox and Thunderbird upgraded to 1.0.6

Version 1.0.6 of Firefox and Thunderbird is available for download now.

Personally I think the versions are upgraded at warp speed. A very active open source community I must say.

Firefox 1.0.5 up for grabs

Firefox 1.0.5 is out! Grab it while it’s hot.

It contains several security fixes and improvements to stability.

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