Kasda KE318D default username password

If you’re using the Kasda KE318D supplied by TMnet, perhaps you want to get into the configuration page. Here’s the default username and password.

Username: admin
Password: telekomst

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Largest Toy Museum in Penang

Largest Toy Museum in PenangI went to visit the largest toy museum in the world last weekend. This is the latest tourist attraction in Penang so I had to check it out.

Located at the previous “Shock Discotheque” in Tanjung Bungah, the place is awesome with loads of toys collected by the owner of the museum.

When I was there, I saw more adults than children in the museum. You should go and check it out yourself.

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When the sky is clear

When the sky is clearI went up to the Teluk Bahang dam last week. Sun was scorching hot and the guards let us drive into the dam cause he assumed we were dragon boat rowers. Yeah right!

This time around, I’d suppose we need to test out equipments for next week’s meeting.

What do you stuff in your USB Drive?

I would love to know what you stuff inside your USB drive.

For me …

  • PGP keyrings
  • an encrypted partition
  • SSH keys
  • PuTTY suite
  • files
  • photos
  • firmwares

How are you using your USB drive?

Walking Dildos

Walking DildosSuperheros of the millenium.

Can you think of what was traveling thru their heads when they decided to do this act? I love the costume … and the headgear.

Walking dildos are the new craze in town! I bet the ladies will super drool over them. Watch out for the babe magnets they have in their hands.

My photoblog

My photoblog is now on Flickr. The old one at Textamerica is no longer updated (not that it’s updated anyway).

Cheque from Google Inc.

Cheque from Google Inc.Since we’re in the Google mood, here’s a shot of a cheque Google sent me for AdSense earnings.

Internation cheques take about 1 month to clear at our local banks. Now I hold my cheques till they’re at a larger amount before cashing it out.

How many of you guys are using AdSense? Did you get your cheque? What’s your experience? I would love to know.

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