Penang Paintball Fields & Parks

Here’s a list of paintball fields in Penang. This list will be updated regularly to show current Penang paintball fields. Check back often for new updates.

ProMedia Paintball SpeedBall @ Inti College, SWATBall @ PISA Carpark - Link to Inti map - Link to PISA map
This operator offers a clean and new SpeedBall field at Inti College. The field is fully grassed and filled with blue air bunkers. They also have another spot operating SWATBall on the top floor of PISA Carpark.

You must call Raymond at 016-4105457 for more information and bookings. Fields are only by appointment. Please indicate that you were referred by toxicle for a special price.

KBS (Kompleks Belia & Sukan) Paintball Center - Link to map This place operates 2 different paintball fields side by side. You get to experience RecBall and SpeedBall.

RecBall field is filled with wooden huts, oil barrels, tyres and boxes. The ground is partially covered with grass and the rest with sand. SpeedBall field is on a fully grassed field and played around air inflated bunkers. This game is fast and fury!

Call Kelvin at 012-4334989 for more information. Please indicate that you were referred by toxicle for a special price.

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We won the 1st SpeedBall tournament in Penang

Against all odds, our inexperienced team of 4+1 import won the 1st SpeedBall tournament in Penang held at KBS (Komplex Belia & Sukan) on the 21st January 2007.

We got there around 8.30am and really felt out of place since we were dressed in semi camo and had only played speedball once before the tournament and had no training at all. In fact we amazed ourselves beating several experienced teams and winning the tournament.

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My new toy

Tippmann A-5 box
Wooohooo … I just got a new toy. This is the Tippman A-5 paintball marker. I must admit I’ve been sucked into this paintball fever and obviously saw the need to relive my childhood again. Weeeee!

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Another Penang War Museum paintball session

Trash talking but full of hot air
Look at this guy. All prepared with his sister’s makeup on his face. He ended up sprayed left, right, top, center and bottom with paintballs.

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Photos from the previous paintball session

Paintball Goggles
I just got hold of the photos of our previous paintball session today. These are standard protective goggles used so you won’t replace your eyeball with a paintball pellet. Taking them off during a game is just plain stupid.

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Paintball session at Penang War Museum

We had a paintball session today at the Penang War Museum. Only the 8 of us so we divided into teams of 4. The set was nice and right on authentic World War II battlefield. Our team won with me capturing the flag once while my brother’s friend twice. I managed to escape virtually unscathed with only a graze on my left arm.

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