Damn it’s dusty

What could I be doing all these while behind the scene? Well .. to put things simple, life had pretty much changed a lot for me. My view on pretty much the things I do had completely overturned.

A good thing. But I’ll be missing even more. Next post in about a few months :)

9 month roller coaster ride is over

Finally after about 9 months, the ride is over. It was quite a smooth ride but now I have a theme park to manage :P

2 Vistas

Yes I’m currently using 2 Vistas … one of which is good and the other one sucks so much I’m thinking of downgrading.

Garmin VistaThe one I love is my Garmin eTrex Vista GPS receiver. This vista was indispensable during my Europe trip last year. I’ll be so lost without it.

Of lately, I’ve been using a lot of it’s built in electronic compass. It accurately shows me where I’m heading and more importantly where a particular house door is facing. You see, I’ve been house hunting for myself and my uncle.

Another feature I used is the barometric altimeter. Since I’ve been checking out houses near the beach … you need to have a home with at least 15meters elevation above sea level … just to be safe.

This Vista is always with me when I’m deep in the jungle … just in case I don’t wanna wait for the stars to tell which way is north.

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2nd PgOSS Meetup

Date: 2nd Feb 2007
Time: 7:45pm
Venue: USM

geek00L: OSS General
Sey: Open Source Web Development with Grails

By the way, we will also discuss about the security meetup after long gone of mydefcon. If you are staying nearby, feel free to join us.

Note: Meeting canceled due to Thaipusam.

We won the 1st SpeedBall tournament in Penang

Against all odds, our inexperienced team of 4+1 import won the 1st SpeedBall tournament in Penang held at KBS (Komplex Belia & Sukan) on the 21st January 2007.

We got there around 8.30am and really felt out of place since we were dressed in semi camo and had only played speedball once before the tournament and had no training at all. In fact we amazed ourselves beating several experienced teams and winning the tournament.

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A web OS

Many years back, I was ecstatic when Desktop.com was released. It offered the first look at a web based Operating System. Desktop was great as it had little apps to built up a whole web based OS. About 2 years down the road, the company and site just vanished into thin air. The domain had changed hands and it’s just a browser toolbar now.

To let you understand exactly what I’m talking about, check out a similiar idea called YouOS. I must say that it’s not as complete as DeskTop, but there’s a good future for this project. The only thing I don’t understand is why they have a browser within the app. An email client would proof more useful.

Enjoy and tell me what you think :)

Sea Monkeys

No I’m not talking about Mozilla’s all-in-one Internet Application Suite.

I’m talking about those little aquarium filled with god-knows-what wiggly half being advertisements you see on Archie comics when taking your dump. Yes … the toy which lets you play god and bring those little shrimps to live from their sachets.

Just add a little bit of this and a little bit of that and in a matter of days … you have those little frankensteins swimming around waiting for your little sibling to pour them into the toilet bowl. I bet there’s tonnes of them still alive and well in the sewers.

Check em out.


iPhoneThis may not be fresh news but Apple announced their latest gadget called the iPhone during Macworld 2007 in San Francisco.

Combining the powers of an Internet enabled PDA, phone and iPod … everyone would want to get their hands on this absolute beauty. When would it be available? That would be Q4 this year and if you’re in Asia … think next year.

Think music, movies and mobilephone all in a tight OS X package. Touch sensitive screen keeps you in control like never before. Love to shoot photos? The iPhone comes with a 2 megapixel built in camera. Browsing your email and webpages would be a delight with the beautiful 3.5-inch widescreen display.

The only bummer about the iPhone is it not being a 3G phone. Oh did I mention my birthday is just around the corner?

Don’t take my word for it. Check it out yourself.

A new post for a new year

Well … 2007 is here and it’s a new year ahead. I hope all your wishes and undertakings work out good and look forward to many good years to come.

I spent my New Year’s countdown at home. Yes a boring guy I am. What about you? Did you have a crazy New Year’s party? I heard this year’s parties were all toned down due to the flood in Johor.

Call the world for free … almost

Are you a Skype user? Why not try Gizmo? It’s offering free calls to mobile and land lines on 60 countries.

Gizmo offers free voicemail service and also conversation recording capability. What are you waiting for? Try Gizmo.

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