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  • Morphi Thing - Celeb face mashup.
  • Hacker Test - Wanna be a hacker?
  • CrossLoop - Simple remote screen sharing.
  • Sexual Consent - Funny video.
  • OhMiBod - iPod Acsexories.

Poached salmon in your dishwasher

Ever wonder what else you can do with your dishwasher? Besides washing dishes that is. Bob Blumer posts his recipe for dishwasher salmon with a piquant dill sauce.

Poaching fish in the dishwasher is a virtually foolproof way to shock your friends, prepare a succulent meal and do the dishes — all at the same time. I’ve poached salmon in more than 100 dishwashers on three continents. There’s never been a dull party.


Microsoft Sues Hacker

Viodentia had been sued by software giant Microsoft alleging that the programmer has access to proprietary source-code.

The hacker’s program called “FairUse4WM” removes anti-copying guards from WMA encoded songs and had been updated regularly as soon as Microsoft patches them.

“FairUse4WM has been my own creation, and has never involved Microsoft source code,” the developer wrote. “I link with Microsoft’s static libraries provided with the compiler and various platform SDK (software development kit) files.”


2000 uses for WD-40

WD-40I bet everyone had used this product once in their lifetime. Lifehack reports that it can be used to relieve arthritis!

But I wouldn’t recommend that because the volatile oil of petrochemicals makes it an irritant on the skin distracting the nervous system of pain. Prolonged use will cause thickening/hardening of the skin.

Besides it’s normal use, I find it handy for removing stickers, polishing watermarks (don’t spray it directly on painted surface, clean with water after polishing), cleaning stains on carpets, removing chewing gum and ink from your clothes, polishing brass/copper and cleaning the plate of an iron.

This site shows 2000 uses for WD-40. Very handy!

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Faster Bittorrent downloads on StreamyX

I’ve got tonnes of people complaining about slow Bittorrent download speed on my blog almost everyday. Most of them tried port forwarding and complain that my tips do not work. They did work before but probably not now. TMNET started traffic/bandwidth shaping Bittorrent connections of their users.

First of all, please understand what port forwarding is all about. When you’re behind a firewall or router, you computer’s ports will not be visible to the Internet. Port forwarding will allow anyone from the Internet to connect to your computer’s ports. You may place yourself in the DMZ to achieve this but it’s not advisable due to security reasons.

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Hackers/Crackers at work?

Hackers/Crackers at work
Sorry for the crappy image quality shot from my el cheapo phone from inside my car with my tinted window up.

I couldn’t help but to notice this particular car when I was walking to the Select Store to buy myself a pack of ciggys. Mounted on the roof of the car is a wireless antenna and a GPS receiver. The driver was on his seat and I saw a notebook on the passenger side seat. There were also 2 clamtype cellphone mounted on the dashboard of the car.

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Track your toilet from the web

This guy is awesome. He’s got his whole home all wired to the net.

Do you want to know how many times he flushed his toilet? How much energy, gas and water he’s using? Perhaps listen to his answering machine. Or check out who’s at his door.

I guess the only thing he’s not showing publicly is his hydroponic garden(kidding). But who knows … it’s Holland! Show us your bud farm man!


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