Fuck politics

I don’t why but almost everything that I get myself into is always plagued with politics. Thank god for me I will never have to face work politics.

What is wrong with people and power? Even when there are no monetary benefits, some dimwit will always be a damn politician and fuck things up. We’ve had enough of the real thing … why does it have to spread into the areas of sports, food, work, etc.

While I hate to get myself into politics or any kind, I guess the only way get out of it is to get into it and be a politician myself. Yeah … when ants fly.

See how easy it is to get my blood

I’m sure my regulars know that I’m offering my blood for donation. I just got a request 2 days back. I donated some blood and made a new friend!

adam wrote:
u still up for donating blood as in your blog? need some blood for gleneagles
family member jes had an opp and need to replace their blood banks. holla if u
fo real yo

One day later, 450ml of my blood is in Gleneagles Blood Bank. It will be another 3 months of so till I offer my blood again. Perhaps another 6 months if I’m getting another tattoo.

Check out request my blood page for more details.

Squeeky shoes

For humanity’s sake, please don’t buy squeeky shoes for your toddler and let him run all over the place. I can still hear squeeks in my head.

I was at some Government office waiting for my turn and enduring the endless squeeks of this little boy who had just found the joys of walking, thanks to his parent who bought him that nice pair of shoes which just won’t stop squeeking. I think he got like the best of the line … you know the Nike of squeeking shoes. They squeek so well it pierces the ears!


There is just a certain level of squeeks a person can endure in an enclosed quiet waiting room and after you pass that level, it just gets to you. The worst thing is that you can’t stop the little boy from walking and it’s not his fault that he’s thinking inside “Hey … that’s a nice tune I’m making with my shoe … what if I run faster … what if I start jumping … what if I walk backwards … I’ll surely make a hit everyone in this room will digg.”

What a predicament I was in.

Neat Label

neat label

Tagging humans

After 2.5 years in development at University College London, the “Optag” was put on trial at the Debrecen Airport in Hungary. Using RFID to keep close tabs on airport passengers.

What’s next? RFID implants?


It’s the time of the year again. The sky is hazy and it’s just not funny.

Word has it that the Royal Malaysian Air Force has been busy with their cloud-seeding operations all over Sarawak since Wednesday.

Indonesia, please stop the open burning! You’re killing everyone beside you.

Ban mist fans at all eating outlets

The government should ban the use of mist fans at all eating outlets. As much as the majority of people who love it, many do not realise the health risks presented by these fans.

I was at a local food court yesterday and there was one right in front of my table and blasting mist right on my face and obviously my food. I never liked mist fans except when they’re used correctly during outdoor events when it’s scorching hot.

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