Fresh hot blood

It’s been so long since I last donated I pretty much forgot about it. Yes … my blood is up for grabs now after my 6 month abstinence due to my recent tattoo. Hurry … get it while it’s hot before I decide to get another tattoo. More info here

Fuck politics

I don’t why but almost everything that I get myself into is always plagued with politics. Thank god for me I will never have to face work politics.

What is wrong with people and power? Even when there are no monetary benefits, some dimwit will always be a damn politician and fuck things up. We’ve had enough of the real thing … why does it have to spread into the areas of sports, food, work, etc.

While I hate to get myself into politics or any kind, I guess the only way get out of it is to get into it and be a politician myself. Yeah … when ants fly.