Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim visitors … if you are traveling on the road, please be extra careful and have lots of patience.

Happy Deepavali

I would to wish all my Indian visitors a very Happy Deepavali … I hope you enjoy this day and many happy returns.

As for me, I’m going to be visiting my friends for good food :)

Let the car almost drive itself

VDOSiemens invented a system capable of indentifying traffic signs for you. It’s onboard camera scans ahead for traffic signs and displays them on the windscreen. It’s also able to reduce the cruise control speed of the vehicle.

With an electronic traffic sign recognition function Siemens VDO is offering a system which will shortly make inadvertent speeding a thing of the past. If the driver wishes, the adaptive cruise control function can also lower the current speed to the respective speed limit. A camera constantly scans the road ahead and can recognize speed limits on traffic signs. If driving too fast, the driver is warned by a conveniently visible signal on the head-up display for instance, or the speed set on the adaptive cruise control function can be automatically adjusted. The system has been developed as part of the pro.pilot project – Siemens VDO’s network of advanced driver assistance systems – and can go into series production in 2008.

Info Page via The Raw Feed

American Fantasy Football League

If you love American Football, you’ll love Fantasy Football. Not only you get to bring your team to victory, you can win great prizes and loads of cash!

The grand prize is a Sony KDL-V40XBR1 40″ Flat Panel LCD TV.

Tagging humans

After 2.5 years in development at University College London, the “Optag” was put on trial at the Debrecen Airport in Hungary. Using RFID to keep close tabs on airport passengers.

What’s next? RFID implants?

Asset Tracking Software

Siterra operates one of the widely used web based asset tracking software in the market. Their clients saves millions each year by streamlining their operations. All thanks to Siterra’s Asset Tracking Software. It gives them the ability to access up to date information and help them make effective decisions because their data is available at their fingertips real time.

I hate looking for new music. After testing Pandora, I must say is much better in terms of functions and it’s social tags.

Discovering new music is now a snap for me.

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