Joost - TV on demand

joost.jpg I just got my invite to test out this new software called Joost. The interface is very mediabox like and frankly, it’s just a video sharing site with a dash of bling. Similar to Veoh, Joost is still in beta (aren’t they all?).

If you need an invite, here’s a link. Enjoy and tell me what you think about it :)


iPhoneThis may not be fresh news but Apple announced their latest gadget called the iPhone during Macworld 2007 in San Francisco.

Combining the powers of an Internet enabled PDA, phone and iPod … everyone would want to get their hands on this absolute beauty. When would it be available? That would be Q4 this year and if you’re in Asia … think next year.

Think music, movies and mobilephone all in a tight OS X package. Touch sensitive screen keeps you in control like never before. Love to shoot photos? The iPhone comes with a 2 megapixel built in camera. Browsing your email and webpages would be a delight with the beautiful 3.5-inch widescreen display.

The only bummer about the iPhone is it not being a 3G phone. Oh did I mention my birthday is just around the corner?

Don’t take my word for it. Check it out yourself.

Check out my new pimped out mediablog

I just pimped out my new mediablog at You can access it by clicking on the top menu links titled “mediablog”.

LifeLogger is a locally brewed site which enables you to post your own photos, audio, video and even store your bookmarks. What’s great about this site is that it allows you to post up to 150 media entries every month with a limit of 100mb per post. That’s a whopping 15gb each month! You get unlimited albums too.

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Tokyo Drift a pile of crap

I’m always one of those who watch movies later. Never liked rushing to catch the first glimpse of any movies when they are released. This one is one movie I fell asleep halfway. That’s how crappy it is.

Storyline gets an F- from me. Yeah the sounds and sights of roaring engines, screeching of drifting tires and girls in skimpy outfits may get your adrenaline pumping for a start but that’s just about it.

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