Roswell UFO Festival 2006

The Roswell UFO Festival 2006 just ended yesterday. The festival is held annually to commemorate the UFO crash of 1947.

The 4 day event offers a wide range of lectures and activities on UFOs and the goverment’s conspiracy theories.

Check out their site and event photos.

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Gong Xi Fa Cai - Don’t blow your hands off

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. I don’t know why but I never really exactly know when CNY is until today. Urm … it’s Sunday right?

I only have an approximate of “End of January” in my mind all the time. Shows how much I’m looking forward to this day huh?

I used to look forward to CNY when I was much much younger. Fireworks, firecrackers, firehydrants … yeah I like playing with fire. Now that those are pretty much banned, CNY sucked. Not that we can’t get our hands on them … it just ain’t that fun anymore.

The young mind of mine only thought of one thing come CNY. WAAAARR!

I would organise a trip down explosive central near Prangin Mall. There are only 3 types I would choose for my arsenal.

  • DaDi - A cracker 10 times more powerful than the regular red ones.
  • ThunderClap - A screaming missle with a cracker 60% power of the DaDi.
  • DoubleShot - Mortar like cracker

I remember the sweet days of “DaDi Dodge”. Armed with only boxes of DaDi and windproof lighters, we split ourselves into 2 teams on a deserted beach.

This game is only played at night. Each DaDi is equiped with a 5-6 second fuse and thrown at each other. The object of the game is to dodge the crackers thrown at you before it blows. The trick to dodging well is to watch out for burning fuses on the beach. Very fun and dangerous. Do not try this.

Then we have the conventional war around the neighbourhood. Little punks like me would gang up and walk around looking for the slightest chance of sparking off a full blown war.

I remember one battle with a group of older tards. We set base behind a bench at a park and so did they on the opposite site. We were pounding on them quite well with accuracy and suddenly noticed that we were running low on supplies. They had just called in some reinforcements and the tide turned against us. I didn’t want to loose this one so I went back to construct a mega finisher.

I am not going to post instructions on how I made it so don’t ask. All I could remember was lighting it up and throwing it in the middle of the field and shouting “RUN! LOSERS!” (I don’t want to kill nobody).

“What the fuck is that?” I could hear one of them shouting.

“RUNNNN!!” I shouted again.

They did and we did too. To cut the story short. Half of the field was in burning flames after it blew. It was fun but stupid. Don’t Do It!

Oh yeah .. GONG XI FA CAI

Wedding dinner brawl

I was at a wedding dinner last Friday. Just like any wedding dinner, it had it’s fair share of ang pows, aweful singing, hyperactive kids, loads of loud talking people and of course alcohol.

Oh yeah … there was food too. I don’t know why but this one seemed a bit different to me compared to the other ones I went.

Nonetheless … this one had a free entertainment skit towards the end.

KC is a regular funnyman at dinners but this one turned awry. A regular drinking challenge with Michael turned into a subtle tussle on one of the tables at the end of the venue (don’t all exciting stuffs always happen at the back?).

I knew it was going to escalate to something bigger so I instructed some friends to help keep their cool. They were escorted out to the lift lobby then it all started again with both hurling obscenities & kung fu moves at each other.

Of course many of them were tipsy like J-Kwon and couldn’t hold their steps. A mere tussle between 2 became a free for all brawl. What a sight.

Moral of the story is … don’t drink and fight.

HITBSecConf2005 Trip Report

Yeah it’s lame to post so late but better than never :P

It all started with me meeting vinzanity and raz at Sungai Nibong Bus Station. I wanted to drive earlier but chose the bus option. Driving in KL for me is hell since I don’t know the roads there. I would usually drive down then take a cab to go anywhere I want. This time I wanted someone else to do the driving.

f1ex was already in KL waiting for us. He called me a few times while we were in the bus. I had asked vinzanity to bring along a wireless router so we could share any Internet connection we could find. f1ex had checked into Federal Hotel and of course Internet access is not free. He described to me their service provider and I told him I’d get back to him. Me and vinzanity did some checks in the bus and SMSed f1ex a working username/password.

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HITB kicked ass

HITB was awesome! Yeah I know I’m late but it’s better than never.

Several topics which caught my attention was

  • STIF-ware Evolution by Meder and Fyodor
  • VoIPhreaking: How to make free phone calls and influence people by the grugq
  • Web Hacking Kung-Fu and Art of Defense by Shreeraj Shah
  • Social Engineering Fundamentals by Anthony Zboralski
  • Hide-And-Seek: Defining the Roadmap for Malware Detection on Windows by Joanna Rutkowska
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot Security by Jim Geovedi
  • Hacking Internet Banking Applications by Fabrice Marie
  • x.25 (in)security in 2005: WHAT, WHY, WHEN, WHO, HOW by Raoul Chiesa

VIA’s Openhack was overhyped. When I saw the challenge, I knew noone was gonna break it. You will be given a notebook running Windows with their hardware installed. The challenge was to retrieve a file from an encrypted drive. You can’t crack open the notebook to access the hardware. I would have wagered my life’s savings that noone would break it in 2 days but noone wanted to take my bet :(

spoonfork briefed me on how he ran CtF. It was very informative. Perhaps I should try setting up a mini CtF for the guys. I’ll ask them if they’re up for it.

Thanks to everyone at HITB for having us. It’s been like the bestest joint I’ve ever had :)


Hack In The Box will be presenting the largest network security event in Asia just one week from today. HITBSecConf2005 will be held at The Westin Kuala Lumpur from the 26th-29th September 2005.

I will be there for the conference on the 28th and 29th. Me and two other members from Penang will be meeting up with another 2 members in KL. I’ve arranged with spoonfork for us to help him out with CtF.

I bet it’s gonna be a blast :)

DEF CON 13 over

For those of you who can’t attend DEF CON 13 (like me), sulk no more. MakeZine covered the annual hacker conference Def Con in Las Vegas from July 29th to the 31st.

From lockpicking to WiFi Pistol to Cisco flaw presentation, this year’s conference sure ain’t dull.