Can’t get that tune out of your head?

Have you had a tune stuck in your head but you can’t find out the title of the song? All you need to do is hum the tune and midomi tells you the song title. The website comes with a whole load of Web 2.0 features to help you discover more music and make new friends.

Neat ain’t it? Try it.

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The 3 puppies are in good hands

Lucky is their middle name. I decided I had to leave them at the field in front of my house first while I go back to work and a SPCA van spotted me. The man asked me if I was the one who called them (to get rid of the puppies) and I told them no I just found these puppies in front of my house. He got down, took the puppies and put them in the cage. I asked him what will happen to them and he said they will be put to sleep.

I wasn’t happy with that answer and tried to ask him if he has some other alternative and he said no. Around the same time, a car drove past, screeched to a halt and reversed back towards the van. A lady walked up to us and asked if there’s any problem. I think she thought that I had problems with the SPCA and my own dog.

I told her the story and asked her if she could take care or find a home for those puppies as I’m late for work and I don’t want to leave them with SPCA. Thank god she was kind enough to take them and she said she’ll find a way to get them a good home. Alls well that ends well.

3 puppies need a home

I got back home for lunch and found 3 puppies lying inside a box by the road. Apparently someone had left them to fend for themselves. I already have a dog at home and do not have time to have more.

Please contact me immediately if you are interested or knows someone who’s willing to adopt them. I do not wish to send them to SPCA as their fate would be rather thin. They were very hungry and gobbled up all the milk and dog biscuits I gave them.

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