My kinda place

Talking w00t to chicks
Check out chicks in skimpy outfits. Talk thrash and meet new friends. Hell even get a buggy and drive around.

Chill out near the boombox
Or chill out near the boombox streaming live radio. I’ve been a There member since last year but only really explored it today.

What a place!
Look what I found? Looks like a place I could hang out for a while … there’s even a lava lamp on the table!

I need to get new clothes fast! See you in there :)

Drugs are not cool. Sixthseal is.

I’m an avid reader of and I’m sure most of you should know by now that he got himself on the front page of our local tabloid. Not good at all. Here’s one from TheStar.

It appears that some fuckwit reader of Nanyang Siang Pau decided to write to the daily complaining about his site. From there on … everything got blown out of proportion.

Blogs are about the freedom of expression. I can’t deny the fact that what he did was somewhat controversial. Personally, I do not consider Huai Bin’s blog as a drug blog. It does help someone to understand about the effects of drugs without experimenting themselves.

Please don’t make a big deal out of this. It takes presence of bad to learn about good.

What bong do you want?

Me and my mate went to a foodcourt to have Curry Fish Head. Because there were many stalls, we called up a friend to identify the stall owners name. We found 2 stalls with the same name. One was operated by 2 Indonesian woman and the other was empty. These are Chinese style curry fish head stalls.

I wasn’t too happy with the fact that the owner left the stall under the hands of his 2 Indonesian maids. It’s a sign of crappy quality food.

We then saw Bong Cafe and decided it’s best to get a drink from them and which stall is owned by Ah Chun (owner). The girl from Bong Cafe was busy SMSing while my friend franticly waved his hand for attention. After about 1 minute of waving, someone saw us and started shouting at the SMSing girl.

She came for orders and we asked the ever important question. “Hey … which one is Ah Chun’s stall?”

“Both stalls are his. Same owner” she replied.

I made a mistake not asking her if the curry was superb. My friend went ahead and ordered from the 2 Indonesian maids.

Bong Cafe

As we waited for our curry, I can’t help thinking how the owner named his shop BONG. Was he having 19 cones on his bong when he was cracking his head for a name? Or did it just hit him … BONG! Ok I’ll name it BONG. Nevermind.

The sight of the curry did not impress me. It looked watery and tastes like curry soup. Very diluted and totally failed the high standards of our tastebuds. I often argue with Andrew, 95% of Chinese style curry are plain crap.

For top notch South Indian type curries, head to Tajjudin Hussein in Little India. The curry is so good you can drink it like soup non stop. Hrrm … I need to head there today for my fix.

New Garmins with MicroSD slots

Garmin had just release new models of their popular GPS models just in time for the holiday season. GPSMap 60 and 76 lines include the 60Cx, 60 CSx, 76Cx, and 76 CSx and their eTrex line, the Legend Cx and Vista Cx.

However, these new models are not published on Garmin’s website. You can view them below.
Legend Cx
Vista Cx

So what does this extra “x” on the model number mean?

This new line will feature a MicroSD slot so you can load even more maps on your GPSr. You are not not limited to the basic base memory each model comes with.

All I want for Christmas is a 60CSx.

LiewCF saw me half naked

I was trekking at the trails of Youth Park today and obviously couldn’t attend the bloggers meeting. The weather was kinda moody so I didn’t go to Muka Head as planned.

We hiked up to No 6 then down No 5 for some refreshments. Took some photos and then proceeded down to No 3.

At the stop, we saw a man who was having heart problem and I could hear the sirens of the ambulance below. He was resting on a bench looking spaced out but I’m sure he’ll be ok.

I was looking out for hospital personnels hiking up the trail with a stretcher but didn’t see any. It would take about 10-15 minutes to descend from where the troubled man is. With a stretcher and the man on it, I’d reckon a hard 20-30 minutes.

When I got to my car, I took off my shirt and dried myself. Chatting with my friend, I saw 2 guys and a girl pass by.

After about 2 seconds, I thought to myself. “Hey! Isn’t that LiewCF?”

I called out to him and he responded. We shook hands and I said nice to meet him and went back to drying myself. The world sure is small and Penang is micro.

Sorry for the indecent exposure :)

Want some shrooms with monkeys?

Red Shroom
This was taken while I was hiking up Penang Hill some weeks back. As you get nearer to the top, you will see more interesting plants like the monkey’s pitcher and wild ferns.

Be careful of monkey packs when going up. They can be friendly one minute and turn nasty another. If they do get aggressive, DO NOT run. Stand your ground, raise up your hands and show your teeth. Hell … beat your chest even. Show them who’s boss :)

Have a GPS without maps?

If you have just bought or planning to buy a GPS, I’m sure you want GPS Maps of Malaysia. is an online collaborative effort of Garmin GPS users trying to map out the whole Malaysia, Singapore and several islands of Thailand. All maps are free of charge.

If you like the free maps, make sure to submit your own tracks so we can all make the maps more detailed. Most state maps already have autorouting feature, telling you directions turn by turn. Awesome ain’t it?

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