Be a Google slave

Well … it’s been a very long time since I last posted and today I will feature a attempt by Google to use metadata from users to improve their image search. The app pairs you up with another partner and both of you will throw keyword tags at the displayed photo. When both hits a match, you gain some points and move on. Check it out. But don’t waste your time being a slave to Google.

Was this link useful?

Was this link useful?Google just introduced a new feature on their organic search results page. Collecting responses to produce better results. Welcome to social searching.

Wanna try it yourself? Just search for your favourite keywords, then click on one of the results. After the page loads, press BACK on your browser button and the feature will kick in.

Adsense for search

For those of you using Adsense to monetize your website or blog, do not put aside Adsense for search. It’s a very handy feature and one with very high CTR.

When someone uses the search box, they need information on something. With Adsense relevant ads shown right above the results, your CTR will shoot up.

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Tracking Adsense performance

It’s essential to track your Adsense performance if you want to find out which ad type or color scheme works best for your site. Inside Adsense posts how you can do it without violating AdSense program policies.

With this technique, you will be able to spread the impressions of 2 different 100 mg formats equally and find out which one performs the best and gives you the best CTR. The days of testing each ad format individually over a period of days or weeks are now solved with this simple javascript below.

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Help map out the world

If you dig maps like me, then Wikimapia will give you endless amount of browsing time.

Based on Google Maps, it’s a collaborative site which enables users to map out any building, street, etc you know so other users can view them.

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Page Strength SEO Tool

Is having a high PR from Google all that matters to you? Here is a more accurate tool to measure your page strength from SEOmoz.

This tool takes quite a number of criterias into consideration to rank your page. My advise is to look into those criterias and learn from them on how to get a better ranking.

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How Google Sitemap can help your site get indexed faster

Having an XML sitemap is important to help Google crawl your site effectively. It’s like giving Googlebot a map of your site and telling it where to crawl instead of the usual index links crawling. The bot may miss some of your links if you are not using search engine friendly URLs or have NOINDEX tags embedded on your page.

Most of us using Wordpress are blessed with the excellent Google Sitemap Generator plugin by Arne Brachhold.

For those who are not using Wordpress, you may try the free service at

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