Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Kemerdekaan Malaya dari Empayar British telah diketuai oleh Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, Perdana Menteri pertama Malaysia. Beliau dengan menteri-menteri dan ketua politik Malaya berjumpa dengan pihak British untuk perundingan kemerdekaan.

Persetujuan dari kedua pihak dicapai pada 8 Februari 1956 tetapi hanya dirasmikan pada 31 Ogos 1957 di Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur. Saat puncaknya apabila Tunku Abdul Rahman melaungkan “Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!” didepan beribu-ribu yang hadir untuk menyaksikan hari yang mulia ini.

Sehingga hari ini, kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia meyambut Hari Merdeka pada 31 Ogos setiap tahun. Kibarkan jalur gemilang and nikmati keamanan negara yang berbilang kaum!

Ban mist fans at all eating outlets

The government should ban the use of mist fans at all eating outlets. As much as the majority of people who love it, many do not realise the health risks presented by these fans.

I was at a local food court yesterday and there was one right in front of my table and blasting mist right on my face and obviously my food. I never liked mist fans except when they’re used correctly during outdoor events when it’s scorching hot.

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My new toy

Tippmann A-5 box
Wooohooo … I just got a new toy. This is the Tippman A-5 paintball marker. I must admit I’ve been sucked into this paintball fever and obviously saw the need to relive my childhood again. Weeeee!

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2000 uses for WD-40

WD-40I bet everyone had used this product once in their lifetime. Lifehack reports that it can be used to relieve arthritis!

But I wouldn’t recommend that because the volatile oil of petrochemicals makes it an irritant on the skin distracting the nervous system of pain. Prolonged use will cause thickening/hardening of the skin.

Besides it’s normal use, I find it handy for removing stickers, polishing watermarks (don’t spray it directly on painted surface, clean with water after polishing), cleaning stains on carpets, removing chewing gum and ink from your clothes, polishing brass/copper and cleaning the plate of an iron.

This site shows 2000 uses for WD-40. Very handy!

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Adsense for search

For those of you using Adsense to monetize your website or blog, do not put aside Adsense for search. It’s a very handy feature and one with very high CTR.

When someone uses the search box, they need information on something. With Adsense relevant ads shown right above the results, your CTR will shoot up.

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Take my blood

If anyone needs my blood (not now, but only after the 11th November 2006), please contact me and tell me why you or your loved one need my blood. Vampires need not apply.

My blood is on a first come first served basis though I have the right to execute my second come first served policy as I see fit. I will only donate if I’m fit for it. I have to be feeling well on that day and the initial blood pressure and blood count tests need to be satisfactory before the donation. If the medical officer says that I am unable to donate, then sorry … I tried.

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The myths of blood donation

Mention blood donation and most people will steer away from it. What are the common excuses you hear from people who try to avoid blood donation? It is an almost painful process and is in fact beneficial for you.

I don’t have enough blood. I’m too thin.
If you don’t have enough blood, chances are high that you can’t be walking normal now. Assuming that you don’t have enough blood because you’re thin is just plain stupid. Fat people do not have more blood nor are they more eligible for blood donation. Blood is usually regenerated within 48 hours. They will only take less than 7% of your total blood volume.

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