Got too much money? Donate a boob job

Yes those of you guys with loads of cash to throw … why not sponsor someone a boob job? offer girls an opportunity to earn enough for a boob job. Men can get cosy with them and ultimately sponsor a girl of his dreams a dream boob job. What happens after that is left to the discretion of both parties.

In addition to the unrestricted access to all of the female profiles you can also help the ladies by:

* Sending a direct donation to her for her procedure
* Purchase message credits that allow you to send messages to the ladies
* Purchase any personal products the ladies may have for sale
* Receive custom photos of your favorite girls (you may even request specific outfits*)
* Chat online in real time and see her on a webcam (Note: not all ladies have webcam capabilities)
* and more…

Why are you still here?

Real World Monsters

monster - chicken man
I know most of you guys are fascinated by monsters, goblins and ghouls. You’ve seen and read about them in books, magazines and television. What’s interesting Mer information här about this link is that they are real reports. Mutation perhaps? You tell me.


Sea Monkeys

No I’m not talking about Mozilla’s all-in-one Internet Application Suite.

I’m talking about those little aquarium filled with god-knows-what wiggly half being advertisements you see on Archie comics when taking your dump. Yes … the toy which lets you play god and bring those little shrimps to live from their sachets.

Just add a little bit of this and a little bit of that and in a matter of days … you have those little frankensteins swimming around waiting for your little sibling to pour them into the toilet bowl. I bet there’s tonnes of them still alive and well in the sewers.

Check em out.

Poached salmon in your dishwasher

Ever wonder what else you can do with your dishwasher? Besides washing dishes that is. Bob Blumer posts his recipe for dishwasher salmon with a piquant dill sauce.

Poaching fish in the dishwasher is a virtually foolproof way to shock your friends, prepare a succulent meal and do the dishes — all at the same time. I’ve poached salmon in more than 100 dishwashers on three continents. There’s never been a dull party.


IBM ThinkPad explodes at LAX

IBM ThinkPad explode
Dell and Apple notebook batteries are not the only ones hit. Now an IBM ThinkPad seems to be the latest victim. It cause quite a scene at the busy LAX.

So we’re waiting for a flight in the United lounge at LAX, the flight next to ours was heading to London and in the middle of final boarding, when suddenly this guy comes running the wrong way up the jetway, pushing other boarding passengers out of the way, he quickly drops his laptop on the floor and the thing immediately flares up like a giant firework for about 15 seconds, then catches fire. About a hundred other people in the lounge jumped up and began a mix of gawking and general panic, I clearly heard a few fleeing individuals saying something about terrorists. The fire burned for a minute while everybody just stared at it, then another flare up, this one much larger than the first, drove a larger group of gawkers away. Eventually, the high intensity flaring calmed down and a larger fire kicked in, all the while letting off a thick cloud of white smoke that was slowly filling the terminal. Finally, an employee came over with a fire extinguisher and put it out of its misery.

Trio robs a dead body for sex

Somewhere in Cassville, Grant County … three men were arrested for attempting to rob a corpse for sexual intercourse. Their actions were twarted when locals alerted the police when they saw the men behaving suspiciously at the cemetary.

Each man was charged with being party to attempted third- degree sexual assault and being party to attempted misdemeanor theft.

Radke told police that Nicholas Grunke asked him to help dig up the grave so that he could take the corpse behind his house in Ridgeway and have sexual intercourse with the body. On the way to the cemetery, the men stopped at the Dodgeville Wal-Mart and bought condoms.

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