Microsoft Surface

It’s all over the place by now. Microsoft introduces Surface. A revolutionary way of computing without keyboard and mouse. Simply with hand gestures … you can get things done. It’ll take a while to see it in widespread use though … but very nice otherwise.

I just hope it won’t display the blue screen of death when you’re on a hot date!

Joost - TV on demand

I just got my invite to test out this new software called Joost. The interface is very mediabox like and frankly, it’s just a video sharing site with a dash of bling. Similar to Veoh, Joost is still in beta (aren’t they all?).

If you need an invite, here’s a link. Enjoy and tell me what you think about it :)

Freeware Download: Crazy Friday Links

  • GOM Player - Simple, Free & Light media player with popular codecs.
  • SmartDefrag - Optimize and defrag your hard disk.
  • FTP Drive - Map a drive to your FTP space.
  • TVUPlayer - Watch live TV on the Internet.
  • KeePass - Store all your passwords safely.

Britney Spears makes a comeback

Yes … Britney Spears is back after years of being away and getting fat. The bald headed pop princess started her comeback tour at San Diego House of Blues. I bet she used superglue to keep her wig intact!

How not to rob a liquor store

It’s amazing how dumb and clumsy the dude is … and drunk!

Search top video sharing sites

Are you addicted to videos? With this multi video sharing site searching tool, you’ll be filled with unlimited hours of video watching. Check out VDOOGLE.

Lose the Race, Lose your Ride

The concept is simple. Juice up your ride and put it on the line. If you lose, you lose your ride.

Watch an all day marathon of PINKS followed by premiere of PINKS All Out on Speedtv on Nov 23rd. Can’t wait till the 23rd? Watch Drag Racing Clips now.

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