Real World Monsters

monster - chicken man
I know most of you guys are fascinated by monsters, goblins and ghouls. You’ve seen and read about them in books, magazines and television. What’s interesting about this link is that they are real reports. Mutation perhaps? You tell me.


Leave Bigfoot alone

Sketch of the Johor Bigfoot
There has been a great buzz on the topic of Bigfoot in Johor. Vincent Chow & Sean Ang is now heading the website dedicated to the dissemination of this particular topic.

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Roswell UFO Festival 2006

The Roswell UFO Festival 2006 just ended yesterday. The festival is لرجل held annually to commemorate the UFO crash of 1947.

The 4 day event offers a wide range of lectures and activities on UFOs and the goverment’s conspiracy theories.

Check out their site and event photos.

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My theory on aliens

The word alien to me does not mean little green men with light bulb shaped heads. Nor does it mean someone which has entered your country illegally.

To me, aliens are intelligent lifeforms which I do not understand and can’t sense. Ghosts, Spirits, Nessie and Bigfoots also fall into the category of aliens to me. They can be of any shapes and sizes. If you’re a skeptic, I hope this article turns you into a logical believer. I don’t expect you to believe everything you see on the media, which is why I say aliens do not mean little green men.

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