Am I an atheist?

I just filled in a form which states my religion as “No Religion”. So am I considered an atheist?

An atheist is a person who denies the existence of god. I do believe in a universal God but not religion. I feel that religions are man made and it’s faiths, believes and customs are the results of human interpretation. We all know the consequences of misinterpretation.

Do not think I have no respect for religions. I believe everyone has their right of choice. It’s only despicable when they force/cheat someone into it or badmouth other religions. I would not believe anyone’s God would approve of that.

So what do you call a person who believes in God but not in religion?

Al-Qaeda warns of more attacks

Ayman al-Zawahri, the lieutenant of Osama Bin Laden had issued warnings of more attacks due to Tony Blair’s foreign policy decisions.

“Blair has brought you destruction to the heart of London, and he will bring more destruction, God willing.”

His comments were aired via the usual Arab satellite channel al-Jazeera.

However, Mr Blair denies his policies provoked the London bombings.

On the same video footage released Thursday, Zawahiri also issued several warnings for the United States.

“Our message is clear — what you saw in New York and Washington and what you are seeing in Afghanistan and Iraq, all these are nothing compared to what you will see next.”

al-Zawahri who was seen wearing a white tunic with black turban and the usual Kalashnikov rifle by his side.

“If you continue your politics against Muslims, you will see, God willing, such horror that you will forget the horrors of Vietnam.”

>> Source: BBC, CNN

Crashed to smithereens

Sky Kingdom ruins
Photo from TheStar

I bet a lot of people are overjoyed by the destruction of Sky Kingdom’s structure and commune but I am not one of them.

I couldn’t care less if the guy builds a giant pen1s on his compound.

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Can Muslims consume vegetarian pork?

I had vegetarian lunch today.

“Come come … I’ve got vegetarian curry, vegetarian fried fish, vegetarian sweet sour pork, vegetarian roast chicken, vegetarian cuttlefish …. ”

Woah … I’m definately not a fan of artificial vegetarian creations. I mean what the hell are they trying to do? Be it vegetarian beef, chicken, cat, fish, pork or crocodile, it’s made the same damn ingredients. Beans.

My choice was some real vegetables, more real vegetables and tofu.

Then this question popped up in my head.

Can Muslims consume vegetarian pork? (No offense intended. Just a curious question.)

Freedom of religion?

Ayah Pin of Sky Kingdom is wanted but the authorities are unable to capture the man. His commune was raided by Religious Department officers on Saturday but the man himself eluded arrest. Twenty-one of his followers, including a police inspector and the drummer of rock group Def Gab-C, were arrested.

I saw them coming; they did not see me. Can I be faulted for this?

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This sect reminds me of a religion in Vietnam called Cao Dai. This religion was created during the hard times of war. It comprises beliefs from different religions. I truly think this is cool because I’m really against religions which condemn others and those who think they are the only ones going to heaven.

Go to hell if you don't accept Jesus ... bullshit

Where are you going after death?
For everyone who calls upon the name of the lord jesus christ shall be saved. (GO TO HEAVEN) ROMANS 10:13

Err what crap … what’s the number for reservation?