Psychic Whois

Those who use Google Suggest would love this familiar interface of Psychic Whois. Go on try it and see if the 8 ball shows you a domain that would make you millions!

Got too much money? Donate a boob job

Yes those of you guys with loads of cash to throw … why not sponsor someone a boob job? offer girls an opportunity to earn enough for a boob job. Men can get cosy with them and ultimately sponsor a girl of his dreams a dream boob job. What happens after that is left to the discretion of both parties.

In addition to the unrestricted access to all of the female profiles you can also help the ladies by:

* Sending a direct donation to her for her procedure
* Purchase message credits that allow you to send messages to the ladies
* Purchase any personal products the ladies may have for sale
* Receive custom photos of your favorite girls (you may even request specific outfits*)
* Chat online in real time and see her on a webcam (Note: not all ladies have webcam capabilities)
* and more…

Why are you still here?

Joost - TV on demand

I just got my invite to test out this new software called Joost. The interface is very mediabox like and frankly, it’s just a video sharing site with a dash of bling. Similar to Veoh, Joost is still in beta (aren’t they all?).

If you need an invite, here’s a link. Enjoy and tell me what you think about it :)

Web 2.0 Links

Call the Future

How would you like to set a reminder to call yourself in the future? Wouldn’t it be handy if you could use a service like that to get out of awkward situations? Or as an excuse to lie to your wife? Whatever reasons, it’s all up to you …. provided you don’t use it for harassing someone or illegal activities.

Give it a shot!

Links for your Monday blues

  • Morphi Thing - Celeb face mashup.
  • Hacker Test - Wanna be a hacker?
  • CrossLoop - Simple remote screen sharing.
  • Sexual Consent - Funny video.
  • OhMiBod - iPod Acsexories.

Find out your real broadband speed

As many of you guys here are users of StreamyX, you might have used their bandwidth test. The results would most of the time give you good numbers as the test is grabbing data from the server within their own network.

You should know that about 70-80% of all your Internet traffic are usually outside of Malaysia so it’s best to use a bandwidth tester not located in Malaysia.

My Broadband Speed is a nifty little flash app with intuitive interface. How fast is your broadband speed? Vroom vroom!

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