Sumo review coming up

sumo bean bags
The director of Sumo lounge contacted me some days back regarding sending me a piece of their fine bean bags. In return, I will be posting a full review of the product including awesome shots of me abusing it in various positions. Stay tuned :)

Elite SEO Tools

Digerati Marketing will be releasing a set of elite seo tools. Judging from my experience, I must say these tools will definitely help your site’s ranking. That is without a doubt! Check out what’s in store below.

Link Backrub - This tool will increase your backlinks massively by scouring the Internet for sites that link to you, that are not indexed in search engines. Any links it finds to your site, which are not indexed by Google, it will get them indexed - almost instantly, thus letting Google see all of your backlinks. This will of course, improve your rankings.

Flashdex - This tool will get ANY page indexed in Google within 1 hour - guaranteed.

Social Storm - This neat little bit of script can get a single page - or multiple pages socially bookmarked on the top 20 social bookmarking and tagging sites over 190 times, automatically, from different IPs at random times over the course of weeks. This can give you massive traffic boosts.

StumbleXchange Automator - StumbleXchange is a great site, but it takes so damn long! This downloadable program will automate the entire process for you! No more hours of stumbling other peoples pages, just click and go to sleep!

Link Buster - My favourite tool - This tool will build you over 100 relevant links per month, to any page requested - and it’s not blackhat!

I’m really excited with what’s going to be offered. I’ve applied as a tester and if I get chosen, you … yes you my loyal readers will get a full review firsthand :)

Be a Google slave

Well … it’s been a very long time since I last posted and today I will feature a attempt by Google to use metadata from users to improve their image search. The app pairs you up with another partner and both of you will throw keyword tags at the displayed photo. When both hits a match, you gain some points and move on. Check it out. But don’t waste your time being a slave to Google.