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Want to know more about a specific location? Dive right in — Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to put the world’s geographic information at your fingertips.

Google Video Viewer Launched

Google had just launched the Video Viewer for their Google Video search service.

I bet it’s gonna make p0rn searching a breeze :P

Black Market in Stolen Credit Card Data Thrives on Internet

It’s amazing how the authorities took that much time to realise (and do something) this age old activity that has been around a few years after the Internet got hot. I dare to say that 90% of all intrusions involving credit card thefts go unreported. I wouldn’t want to mention online banking :P

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Mauritius will become a cyber island

The tropical island of Mauritius, located on the east coast of Africa, announced its plans to become the world’s first country with complete coast-to-cast wireless Internet coverage within the next year. According to government officials, the hope is to make the 40-mile-long place a ”cyber island” that will bring in investment and jobs to the country and its people to offset declines in sugar and textile exports.

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WhoIs ULTRA from AnalogX

If you’ve ever registered a domain name, or even considered it, you’re probably discovered what a hassle it is using the web-based interfaces to the old UNIX command, whois. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a more hip, GUI solution? I thought so, and here it is…

WhoIs ULTRA is a GUI application that goes out on the net and looks up domain registration information. How is this useful? Well, there’s several uses for this particular tool; first and foremost is identifying whether or not a domain has already been registered. WhoIs also will let you enter already registered domains and return the administration/owner contact information, in case you want to contact the people directly.

View with Notepad

View with NotepadHow would you like to open any filetype using notepad?

I use Notepad to view many different file formats that are not registered to Windows. I have a registry hack that will do just that with 2 clicks.

This hack adds a “Notepad” command on the right click menu. Just left click it and it opens the file with Notepad. You can also replace it with your own editor of choice.

Get the registry file here (Right click and save as)

You need to merge it to your registry for it to work. If you want to know what’s inside the file … open it with Notepad. That is after you’ve installed the registry hack. Simple and sweet.

Be careful if you open binary type or large files though. It may hang your system if the file is too big, depending on your memory size.

MSN launches Search Local

Though not quite ready to launch a full-on assault to Google’s nifty satellite view, MSN pushed into the local search market yesterday with a beta version of its new local search engine. While the new feature is a start, it still leaves a lot to be desired.

MSN Search Local is available as a link off the front page of MSN search, along with Web, Desktop, News, Images and Encarta. A local search shows standard style web results based on the location and keywords that are typed in to the query box. The search results page offers the option to specify business listings or residential listings.

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