I fuckin hate rituals. Why do people even bother to perform elaborate rituals for simple tasks?

Christmas is over but it ain’t too late to ask for a Linux-based Handheld Gaming Device.

For you … cookie hackers

Cookie Editor
The Add & Edit Cookies extension is a great realtime cookie editor capable of editing session as well as, file stored cookies natively in Mozilla. Couple that with Web Developer Extension and Spike Proxy and you’ve got a powerful web hacking interface :)

Gmail releases new features

Mobile GmailAfter releasing the new RSS feeds function, Google announced another 3 new features just in time for the holiday season.

GMail Mobile
Mobile phone users can now check their Gmail via http://m.gmail.com/. This I have not tried but I’m sure it’s a nifty feature. Their mobile edition boasts of being able to automatically open attachments in messages including photos, Word and PDF files. There is a reply by call feature which lets you call the person if you have their phone number on your Gmail contacts.

Vacation auto-responder
This is one feature that’s long due. Most popular mail apps already have this feature. Just in time for Christmas.

Contact groups
I’m sure this feature is a popular one. I don’t use the contacts much because you can’t create groups. Now I don’t have an excuse :)

The Cure

This great brit band has left a legacy spanning 3 decades. They came about to the scene the same year I was born. 1976.

Robert Smith, Michael Dempsey (bass), Laurence “Lol” Tolhurst (drums) and Porl Thompson (guitar) received a recording contract worth £1000 from Hansa Records. A year later, they had a rift about the direction of the band and renamed to what they are known as today from their initial name “The Easy Cure”.

Robert SmithAt the age of 21, Robert and the band was under heavy influence of drugs and Smith adopted a theatrical gothic enhanced look.

“I didn’t see that there was much point in continuing with life. In the next two years, I genuinely felt that I wasn’t going to be alive for much longer, and I tried pretty hard to make this feeling come true.”

In the late 82s, The Cure disbanded leaving Smith as a one man band. He released the pop single “Let’s Go to Bed” aimed to shock critics and perhaps kill The Cure. Unfortunately, the song was a success.

Many years went by with Robert experimenting with crazy sounds, at times making himself sound as bad as possibly but the fans just loved everything he churned out.