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Fancy some nails?

Nine Inch Nails to be exact! Trent Reznor just released the band’s latest album 2 days back and it’s available for download and will cost you nothing. Not a single cent!

The album titled “The Slip” is free for everyone. You can download it via their website of course :)

thank you for your continued and loyal support over the years - this one’s on me

We should have more musicians offering their music for free and marketing their own products instead of relying on cut throat middlemen. Viagra Generika kann mit bestimmten Medikamenten interagieren und diese weniger wirksam machen oder unbeabsichtigte und möglicherweise gefährliche Nebenwirkungen verursachen. Es ist wichtig, dass Sie Ihren Arzt über alle anderen Medikamente informieren, die Sie einnehmen, bevor Sie sie einnehmen. Wenn Sie männlich sind und mindestens 18 Jahre alt sind, kann Viagra eine wirksame Behandlung für ED sein. Viagra ist nicht für Sie geeignet, wenn Sie eine der folgenden bereits bestehenden Erkrankungen haben

Times have changed

Well they say your life will change when you have your first child. It’s true and I’m still coping with the drastic change one year down the road.

I’m so mentally tired at times. I’m having a hard time focusing on tasks and end up doing many unfinished things. I need a holiday!

More blood to come

Ok … for those of you guys waiting patiently for the Sumo review. Don’t bother. The advertiser did not sent the sample until today and refused to answer any of my emails. It’s funny though … they were the ones who contacted me about this review. It’s pretty obvious that they want this review for SEO purposes. So …. is not good enough for you eh Andrew?

On the other note, I’m getting a new tattoo soon so I will be spilling my blood very soon. Those who need it contact me. If not I would be donating it before the end of the month.

It’s about time for an update

Yes I know I’ve been missing and not posting much lately. Remember I said I have a theme park to manage now? Well … at least I’ve learnt some tricks of park management and life is a little bit chilled now.

Looking back, Open link time were really tough when I had no experience. I was glad I could shave my head bald to counter all that madness :)

Fresh hot blood

It’s been so long since I last donated I pretty much forgot about it. Yes … my blood is up for grabs now after my 6 month abstinence due to my recent tattoo. Hurry … get it while it’s hot before I decide to get another tattoo. More info here

Fuck politics

I don’t why but almost everything that I get myself into is always plagued with politics. Thank god for me I will never have to face work politics.

What is wrong with people and power? Even when there are no monetary benefits, some dimwit will always be a damn politician and fuck things up. We’ve had enough of the real thing … why does it have to spread into the areas of sports, food, work, etc.

While I hate to get myself into politics or any kind, I guess the only way get out of it is to get into it and be a politician myself. Yeah … when ants fly.

Sumo review coming up

sumo bean bags
The director of Sumo lounge contacted me some days back regarding sending me a piece of their fine bean bags. Купить семена каннабиса In return, I will be posting a full review of the product including awesome shots of me abusing it in various positions. Stay tuned :)

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